ThatGut Feeling - Keeping Your Intestinal Tract Healthy

Wehave all experienced that bloated and crampy feeling after we haveeaten too much rich food and over indulged in general. Or, perhapsyou remember that nauseous feeling when we have been sick and takenantibiotics.

Allof this is because the bacteria in our gut are not at optimum levelsto keep us feeling good.

WhatDoes Gut Flora Do?

  • Ourgut contains good bacteria that breaks the food down and gives usenergy and keeps our bodies working at their optimum level.

  • Differentmicro-organisms break down different food stuffs so we need all ofthem to stay well.

  • Ourimmune system is boosted as the gut flora teaches our body to lookout for pathogens and to make antibodies against them

AHealthy Gut

  • Oneway is to eat healthy foods and to avoid excesses of alcohol, fats,sugars and some carbohydrates.

  • Weshould eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables that contain fiberto keep our intestinal tract working properly so we don’t sufferfrom constipation and diarrhea.

  • Theflora in our gut breaks down the food we eat - if we don’t havethe right composition of this gut flora we are not getting all ofthe nutrients we need.

  • Eatfresh food and keep fats and fatty foods to a minimum. Choose lowerfat alternatives.

  • Eatfish three or four times a week for its omega fatty acids that weneed for brain function and a healthy body

  • Drinkplenty of fluids but limit coffee, fizzy sodas and alcohol intake.

  • Eatslowly and enjoy your food don’t rush over meals and give yourstomach time to feel full.

  • Tryto exercise every day if you can.

  • Afterantibiotics think about putting the good flora back by eatingyoghurt with live cultures and eating plenty of fruit and vegetablesto get your gut back into shape.

OurOverall Health

Gettingthe good bacteria in our gut is one way to look after our bodies. Allour food goes through the digestive system. But if you're tired allthe time and lack energy, it could be that some organ, such as theliver, which purifies your food, is not running as well as it should.Holistic herbal products such as Liver Active can help.

Sometimeswe still encounter problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome andintolerance to some foods.

IrritableBowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Thisis not necessarily triggered by a certain food, but may be acumulative effect of diet, stress and not enough exercise.
  • Ifyou know certain foods cause IBS steer away from, choose an alternative or take a supplement. For example, driedbeans are grains are an essential part of our diet, but if they causewind and other symptoms, don’t have them just because they are goodfor you. Choose a different high fibre food like fruit.

  • Exercisecan reduce stress levels, so get outside and enjoy the fresh air! IBS can be controlled at home with the help of a holistic lifestyle.

Food Intolerances

Aswe get older some foods that we love can sometimes cause stomach andintestinal upsets. This is not necessarily a gluten or wheat allergy, but a lower grade problem with what you eat.

The best thing is to avoid them and choose analternative. Just by looking at we eat and how it effects our bodycan keep us healthier and able to keep enjoying life.