Your Liver – Tips to Keep it Healthy

Do you have any idea about one of the most important internal organs in the human body? The liver has many significant jobs, such as sewage treatment, poison filter and vitamin and mineral storage. Not just that, it creates digestive juices, regulates many of your body's hormones and is headquarters for a large percentage of your immune system. It also produces the proteins necessary for blood clotting when you cut yourself. In fact, the liver has over 500 known functions. It isalso the only organ in the body that can repair itself.

Before gulping and devouring that fountain-like abundance of beer and other alcoholic beverages, learn about the major functions of the liver and how we can unfortunately damage it.

Amazing Facts on Liver

In the human anatomy, the liver is the largest solid organ, weighing about 3.5 pounds. It is located at the right side of the stomach. It is reddish brown in color, feels rubbery upon touch and has two major lobes positioned and protected by the rib cage. Along with these right and left lobes sits the gall bladder, pancreas and the intestines which all together constitute the digestion process of the food that we take in.

The chief and main functions of our liver:

  • It is used to filter the blood which comes from the digestive tract. It acts as a sieving machine which tests the purification of the bloodstream, eliminating the toxins and waste products before processing the blood to the different parts of the body.

  • Along with this, it detoxifies the alcoholic products and metabolizes the drugs taken in.

  • It also secretes bile, a fluid which aid in the digestion process absorbing fat and transport and pushes the waste products into the intestines.

  • It has the ability to produce proteins which acts as a crucial part in the blood clotting progression.

Liver Problems

Liver conditions can be caused by excessive intake of alcohol, a virus or parasite, a result of drug medications, a bad diet high in fatty and sugary foods, and intake of poisons. These problems can result in a multitude of effects which, if action is not taken, can pose more serious and severe damages to the liver. Some of these problems include:

  • Hepatitis. This is the inflammation of the liver tissues which is mainly caused by a virus. It is categorized into Hepatitis A, B, and C, indicating the type of virus. Because hepatitis also means "liver inflammation" the condition can also happen from too much alcohol, poisons and overdose of medications.

  • Liver Failure. This disease can be gradual or come on suddenly, as a result of hepatitis, hereditary diseases, infection, poison and heavy alcohol drinking.

  • Cirrhosis. This is characterized by permanent scarring of the liver tissues causing long-term damage to the liver, making it incapable of functioning or regenerating properly.

  • Fatty liver disease. This is caused by a diet high in processed foods, fat, and lack of exercise, leading to obesity. The liver can not keep up with processing fat, and it begins to accumulate within the cells, causing inflammation and possible scarring. Many obese people will not have a fatty liver, while many others will. When realized in time (before cirrhosis occurs), this disease can be reversed. A special fatty liver diet consisting of green tea, fruits, vegetables and homeopathic recipes containing herbs like milk thistle will help.

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. This is a rare disease with unknown causes. This disease makes the liver incapable of slowing and producing bile fluid.

  • Liver cancer. After the cirrhosis stage, liver cancer can occur. Also named hepatocellular carcinoma, this is one of the leading causes of death in terms of liver failure

Protect and Keep it Healthy!

Now, what are our allies to keep the liver well and healthy? Aside from limiting your alcoholic intake, you should also be extra careful with the food you eat. Consume more green tea and eat fruits, vegetables and organic food as much as possible. Fatty liver disease is caused by consuming high amounts of fructose, trans fat and processed food over years, so limit your ingestion of processed foods. Detoxify every now and then to cleanse your body and maintain the proper functioning of your digestive organs.

Lastly, exercise and avoid smoking. We should protect our liver because it is one of the most important parts of the body. Treating it well not only makes our digestion more satisfying, but due to its regulation of hormones, makes us happier and gives us more energy!